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Human Resources

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. People-oriented, aimed at active, focusing on training;

 . Mechanism for determining vitality, we advocate the implementation of contractual employment system, respect for staff career choice;

 . Survival of the fittest, open, fair and impartial personnel selection mechanism;

 . To build a "business people, sentiments, and pay and conditions" of the personnel system;

 . Creating an excellent environment for the growth of talent and comfortable working environment;

 . Compete in the final analysis is the competition for talent, who has the talent, will have the wealth, "particularly high" door is always open for talent;

 Respect the old experts, concerned about the new generation, with the industry's communication and understanding, understanding and support, so that the "super high" to form a tremendous vitality;

 . Create in practice, play, rich by hard work, only to pay people, aspire to achieve "the other side."